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Small Generator Interconnection Process

The Maine Public Utilities Commission has Chapter 324, Small Generator Interconnection Procedures which lists the procedures for interconnecting to Emera Maine’s distribution system.

Interconnection Procedures:

  • Complete Interconnection Application
    • Level 1 Interconnection Application for Certified, Inverter-Based Generating Facilities Not Greater than 25 kW
    • Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 Interconnection Application where:
      • Level 2 - For certified generating facilities that pass certain specified screens and have a power rating of two megawatts (2MW) or less. The T&D Utility shall adopt procedures in accordance with § 11 for this level of review.
      • Level 3 - For certified generating facilities that: (a) pass certain specified screens; (b) do not export power beyond the Point of Common Coupling; and (c) have a power rating of ten megawatts (10MW) or less. The T&D Utility shall adopt procedures in accordance with § 12 for this level of review.
      • Level 4 - For all generating facilities that do not qualify for Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 interconnection review processes, and are not subject to the jurisdiction of FERC. The T&D Utility shall adopt procedures in accordance with § 13 for this level of review.
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Remit Interconnection Application Fee as set by the MPUC under Chapter 324 § 10.G., 11.I., 12.H., and 13.U.

Level Nameplate Rating Application Fee
Level 1 Inverter-Based Generators Not Greater than 25KW $100
Level 2 Generators Not Greater than 2MW $100 plus $2.00/KW
Level 3 Non-Exporting Generators Not Greater than 10MW $100 plus $3.00/KW
Level 4 All Generators Not Subject to FERC Jurisdiction $100 plus $4.00/KW ($2000 max)

Additional Documents related to Interconnection/Net Energy Billing:

For questions about the Interconnection Process, please contact our Net Billing Coordinator:

Phone: (207) 973-2607
Toll free: 1-855-770-3985
Email: NetBilling@emeramaine.com

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