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Pay Your Bill In Person

Bangor Hydro District customers who choose to pay their electric bill at an Emera Maine payment agency will incur a third-party processing fee of $1.00.

Emera Maine accepts payments through Western Union Quick Collect and Convenience Pay locations. Western Union has locations in a number of Walgreens and Rite Aid stores. You can also visit locations.westernunion.com to find a Western Union location near you. A payment made through Western Union will be posted to your account within 2 business days.

You can also pay your electricity bill at one of these convenient locations when you do your banking or grocery shopping. Please allow 3-5 days to ensure timely posting of your payment made at one of these locations.

Payment Locations:


Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor Bank & Trust Co. - 82 Main St.

Blue Hill

Bar Harbor Bank & Trust Co. - 21 Main St.


Paradis Supermarket - 395 N. Main St.


Tradewinds Shop n Save - 361 South St


Tradewinds Marketplace - 689 Main St

Deer Isle

Bar Harbor Bank & Trust Co. - Church St.


Bar Harbor Bank & Trust Co. - 125 High St.


Changing Seasons Federal Credit Union - 115 Mecaw Rd.


Bar Harbor Bank & Trust Co. - 68 Washington St.


Bar Harbor Bank & Trust Co. - 20 Main St.


Bar Harbor Bank & Trust Co. - Main & Bridge St.


Millinocket IGA - 820 Central St.


Milo Water District - 146 Park St.

Mount Desert

Bar Harbor Bank & Trust Co. - 1055 Main St.

Northeast Harbor

Bar Harbor Bank & Trust Co. - Main St.

Southwest Harbor

Bar Harbor Bank & Trust Co. - Main St.

Winter Harbor

Bar Harbor Bank & Trust Co. - Main St.

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Maine Public Service District Bangor Hydro District


Emera Maine provides electric delivery service to two areas – the Bangor Hydro District and the Maine Public District.

  • The Bangor Hydro District includes Hancock, Piscataquis and Washington Counties and most of Penobscot County.
  • The Maine Public District serves Aroostook County and a small piece of Penobscot County.

Because some information varies by District, please identify your District on the map above, or enter your town or zipcode. If you need information on both Districts,  switch back and forth at any time by selecting the district selector button.

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